Beside access our service from web browser, you can also install native apps for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

1. Desktop app for Windows PC (click here to download)

2. Desktop app for Mac OS (click here to download)
Important Note: After installed, you need to right click to open it twice and click the 'Open' button in the second pop up dialog. Here is the how to video:

3. App for Android (click here to install from Google Play)

                         (Or search "OpenTimeClock" in Google Play app store.)

                         (Or click here to download directly from

                       Or, scan the QR Code here with your Android phone or Tablet:

4. App for iOS (iPhone/iPad) (click here to install from Apple App Store)

                         (Or search "OpenTimeClock" in Apple App Store.)

                       Or, scan the QR Code here with your iPhone or iPad:

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