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Best Time Tracking Software

Open Time Clock is powerful, easy-to-use online time clock software designed for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to effectively manage employee time and attendance for payroll processing and client project billing.

Many Options to Clock In

Allows employees to clock in using various methods such as desktop software, mobile apps, and multiple authentication options. It also provides advanced features like GPS tracking, offline clock-in capabilities, group clock-in options, and website integration, enhancing both security and operational efficiency.

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Many Features to Manage Time

Provides comprehensive management tools for employee tracking, scheduling, payroll, shift management, and fraud detection. Includes project, job, and department time tracking with customizable rules for overtime and paid time off. Features real-time notifications and robust reporting capabilities designed to streamline operations and ensure compliance.

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Many Reports to Analyze Hours

We provide more than 80 predefined PDF/Excel reports that evaluate employee attendance from multiple perspectives. These reports greatly simplify your payroll processing and client project billing. If you require customized reports, our developers are available to tailor them to meet your specific needs.

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Login Tools

Employees can clock in using a variety of devices, including desktop software (Windows/MacOS), browsers, and Android/iOS apps. In addition to clocking in with a username and password, they can also use facial recognition or external devices such as QR code scanners, RFID/NFC scanners, etc. We record photos and GPS street addresses at the time of clocking in to prevent buddy punching or clocking in from outside the company.

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User Clock

Enter username and password to clock in.

Face Clock

Use the built-in camera of a computer or smartphone for facial recognition to clock in.

PIN Clock

Clock in by entering the digital number via the on-screen numeric keypad or the device's own keyboard.

Barcode QR Code Clock

Clock in by scanning barcodes or QR codes using an external scanning device or camera.

RFID Clock

Allow clocking in with an external RFID/NFC card reader.

Group Clock

Allow department managers to clock in for multiple people at once.

Offline Clock

Allow employees to clock in offline via a mobile app when there is no internet connection.

Web Cam Photo

Use a camera to take photos so that managers can later compare names and pictures to check and prevent buddy punching.

GPS and Map

Record the GPS address of employee clock-ins and allow managers to view the geographic locations on Google Maps.

iFrame Code

Embed the entire Open Time Clock web app into your own website to instantly equip your site with a full-featured time clock system.

Quick Switch

Allow employees to quickly switch jobs or working departments.

Name Clock

Allow employees to select their names directly from the interface to clock in.

Fast Scan

Pre-select shifts and jobs before scanning, allowing for a smoother and faster clock-in process.

PIN Kiosk

Suitable for placing a kiosk terminal without a keyboard at the company reception area for employee clock-ins.

Management Tools

Our backend software offers a range of tools to help managers efficiently manage employee hours. Key features include tracking attendance, calculating overtime, processing payroll, and generating reports for client billing. It also manages paid time off, shift scheduling, and detects fraudulent behaviors such as buddy punching. Additionally, a real-time notification system keeps managers updated on important issues, streamlining management operations.

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Project Tracking

Record the time employees spend on a specific project. We also provide related reports in the report section for billing purposes to send to clients.

Job Tracking

Record the time employees spend on a specific job.

Department Tracking

Record the time employees spend on a specific department.

Shift Schedules

Schedule future shifts for employees.

Job Schedules

Schedule future job assignments for employees.

Overtime Rules

Create an unlimited number of overtime rules and apply them to different employees.

Absence Tracking

Record employees' leave status, allowing employees to request time off and managers to approve vacations.

Paid Time Off Auto Accruals

Automatically accumulate employees' paid time off hours based on various rules, such as hours worked, years of service, etc.


Send emails to designated individuals when certain conditions are triggered, such as when an employee reaches overtime hours or forgets to clock in.


Allow direct messaging between employees and managers within the app.

Who is working

Quickly view which employees are currently working and which are not, and check the number of employees working in each department.

Time and Hours Approval

Allow employees and managers to review attendance records to ensure they are manually checked and confirmed to be accurate.

Clock Points

Restrict employees to clock in only from specified locations, including device ID, IP address, WIFI ID, and GPS geolocation. This can prevent employees from clocking in from home or before reaching the company.

PDF Excel Reports

We offer over 80 preset PDF/Excel reports that analyze employee attendance records from various aspects. If you have specific report requirements, our developers can also customize them for you.

Bulletin Board

Allow you to post important notices on the clock-in page so that employees are informed at the start of their workday.

List View

Allow managers to quickly view the clock-in records of multiple individuals or the entire company staff over a specified date range.

Day View

Here, managers can view the attendance records and statistics of an individual employee over a specified date range at one time.

Where Locations

Here, managers can see information about where employees clock in, including device ID, WIFI ID, IP address, GPS geolocation, and street address.

Where Photos

Here, managers can browse photos taken by employees at the time of clocking in. By comparing the photos with the names, we can determine if there has been any buddy punching.

Where GPS

Here, managers can view the geographic locations of employee clock-ins using Google Maps.