We have a plan for any business.

Opentimeclock.com was developed to support any business that needs to track employee time. Our system provides a robust free platform for those just starting out or with simplified needs. As you grow our system supports additional reporting needs with a simple pricing model.

Free Plan

0 / Unlimited Users

Perfect for small or big size businesses who have no budget for a time clock system.

Paid Plan

$25 / Month / Company

Flat Price, Unlimited Users

$25 per Month per Company
$275 / Year, 1 Month Free
$775 / 3 Years, 5 Months Free
$1,200 / 5 Years, 1 Year Free

group company: $999 per 10 companies per year

Custom and Reselling

Customize for your need

Please send your special requirement to us. We will discus and impletment it into the system for free or charge a small one time fee. We also have group company and reselling package available: $999 per 10 companies per year; $9999 per 1000 companies per year.


Sponsor Link

If you are willing to put a sponsor text link into your website home page, you can use our paid plan features for free. You only need to put a text "Open Time Clock Software" at the bottom of your website home page and link to our website.

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Open Time Clock is a reliable, secure, cloud and web based time clock system that helps any size business manage time sheets. Our employee time management app was designed to help business owners, bookkeepers and payroll professionals to track employee's time, attendance, paid time off accruals, scheduled shifts, jobs and shift notes. Our Free Plan is available with unlimited managers and employees with access to all features except reports. Open Time Clock allows you to manage your employees access to the platform by restricting their access to specific networks, devices or GPS zones. Web camera and face recognition are supported to avoid 3rd parties punching in and out.