We have a plan for any business.

Opentimeclock.com was developed to support any business that needs to track employee time. Our system provides a robust free platform for those just starting out or with simplified needs. As you grow our system supports additional reporting needs with a simple pricing model.

Free Plan

$0 - free, unlimited users

The only difference is that free plan only has beginning 30 days to access reports page to download pdf/excel files.

Paid Plan

$29.95 / month,
flat pricing, unlimited users

discount available *

Access reports page to download pdf/excel files.

NPO Plan

$0 - free, unlimited users

If you are a government, school, hospital or other non-profit organization, please apply this NPO Plan; free charge to access paid plan features.

* Sponsor Link Plan:
If you are willing to put a sponsor text link into your website home page, you can use our paid plan features for free. You only need to put a text "Time Clock Software" at the bottom of your website home page and link to our website.

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Open Time Clock is a powerful and user-friendly online time clock software designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive set of features to effectively manage employee time and attendance. With real-time tracking capabilities, employers can monitor employee hours from anywhere, whether in the office or on the go. The system supports various functionalities such as timesheet management, payroll automation, project tracking, and scheduling. It includes advanced features like geofencing, facial recognition, and GPS tracking to ensure accurate attendance records and prevent time fraud. Open Time Clock provides secure data storage, reliable performance, and flexible access options via desktop, mobile devices, and browsers. With its intuitive interface and extensive reporting capabilities, businesses can streamline their time management processes and enhance productivity. Sign Up Now!