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Open Time Clock is a comprehensive and feature-rich online time clock software that allows businesses to efficiently manage employee time and attendance. With real-time tracking and robust reporting capabilities, it enables businesses to monitor and analyze employee work hours, paid time off, and project time tracking. The platform supports various features such as geofencing, facial recognition, and mobile access, ensuring accurate and secure time tracking.

Open Time Clock is designed for businesses of all sizes and offers a free plan with unlimited managers and employees. It provides a reliable and user-friendly solution for businesses to streamline their time management processes, improve payroll accuracy, and enhance overall productivity. Sign Up Now!

Welcome to check our latest feature article "Why Is Open Time Clock the Best Time Tracking Software for Governments, Schools, Hospitals, and Nonprofit Organizations?".

Login Tools
Management Tools
Username Clock
Face Recognition
PIN Clock
Barcode QR Code Clock
RFID Clock
Group Clock
Offline Clock
Web Cam Photo
GPS and Map
iFrame Code
Job Tracking
Shift Scheduling
Overtime Rules
Absence PTO
Who is working
Time Approval
Clock Points
Bulletin Board
Time Tracking for all businesses
Free, and easy to use time clock system, support Face Recognition, PIN, Barcode, RFID and QR CODE. It can also capture photo at clock in/out.
Welcome to check our latest feature article "Why Is Open Time Clock the Best Time Tracking Software for Governments, Schools, Hospitals, and Nonprofit Organizations?".
Job Tracking
You can track employee's hours for the job they are working on. It also calculate the cost of each job. It helps you to compare your budget, cost and know your profit.
Shift and Schedule
You can enter shift information and schedule each employee's hours/shift. This allows you to track employees by job and be notified who was late or left early.
Auto Accrue Paid Time Off
You can set the auto accrual rules for paid time off. The system will calculate an employee's balance for his/her vacation. It helps you to decide if you should approve employee's time off request.
The Open Time Clock Advantage
You can clock in and out with face recognition, barcode, QR Code, PIN, username/password, etc. from computer and smart devices (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS).

Many options to clock in

Employees can use desktop computer, tablet/iPad and smart phone (Android and iPhone) for clocking in and out by entering username, enter PIN number, face scan (face recognition), QR-code, Barcode handset, etc.

Open Time Clock can also capture photos at clock in/out to avoid buddy clock in.

Many features available!

Not just easy to use, our time clock platform provides you with multiple features. These key features include; time off requests, missed hours, who is punched in, which clock punched them in, paid time off accruals, job tracking, shifts and schedules.

Reports in Excel, PDF files

We have more than 50 pre-formated reports in Excel or PDF files. You can save it or send to your payroll manager. We also help to customize reports for you. Please send us the sample format you want.

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01. About Open Time Clock Service
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03. Setting Company Users Overtime
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06. Request Absence List Day View
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07. Where Who is in Message Schedule
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08. Approve Reports Employee View
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09. How to install Open Time Clock Mac OS app
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Open Time Clock is a powerful and user-friendly online time clock software designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive set of features to effectively manage employee time and attendance. With real-time tracking capabilities, employers can monitor employee hours from anywhere, whether in the office or on the go. The system supports various functionalities such as timesheet management, payroll automation, project tracking, and scheduling. It includes advanced features like geofencing, facial recognition, and GPS tracking to ensure accurate attendance records and prevent time fraud. Open Time Clock provides secure data storage, reliable performance, and flexible access options via desktop, mobile devices, and browsers. With its intuitive interface and extensive reporting capabilities, businesses can streamline their time management processes and enhance productivity. Sign Up Now!