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first name and last name
(a unique id for login, you can change it to your favorite nick name.)

(optional, allow empty)

(optional) (digit id can be pin, qr code, barcode number, rifd card number or nfc tag number.)
(optional to employee and manager)

(popular choices are America/New_York, America/Chicago, America/Denver, America/Los_Angeles)
(optional) select the empty one if not belongs to any department
set to "Inactive" will disable this user
Allow edit time
Allow comments Allow PTO/request approval Allow approve time records
Allow reports
 Allow remember password.  Allow to send message.  Allow self time edit.  Allow to see [Where] page.  Access setting payment page.
 Allow to see Who Is In.

 Allow [Add Absence Request] button.
 Allow [Add Entry Request] button.
 Camera is Required for clock in/out.
 Allow edit clock points
 Allow setting

minutes to deduction after how many hours

(employee can disable GPS in his/her phone or browser)

if continuously worked over hours, not to allow the employee to clock back in on the same day.

note: photo will be used in face clock (face recognition)