Company Setting
employees no need to open web camera in clocking in/out.

at clock in,
at clock out, to
minutes to deduction after how many hours
Once clocked out, not allow to clock in within next minutes.(0 minute means no gap)
Once clocked in, not allow to clock out within next minutes.(0 minute means no gap)
days (employee can edit his/her note within how many days)

choose the city in your timezone



User Clock Face Clock QR Code (camera scan)
Name Clock Group Clock Offline Clock (app only) Fast Scan Clock
PIN Clock (PIN number, external scanner for QR Code, Barcode, RFID Card, NFC tag)
PIN Kiosk (web and desktop only)

Quick Switch (job / department) Phone Browser Access
Consider clock-out forgotten if end time is past midnight (00:00 AM).
Consider clock-out forgotten if work duration exceeds continuous hours.  




when clock in/out, employee CAN select other shift even if s/he has shift scheduled.



Force to select job when clock in (show (Please select job) as default option)






Manager can approve his own time records.

Force employee to approve previous time and hours before clock in.

(restrict employees to clock in from office) 



  employee can set to receive email when clock in



 (optionl, max height: 40 pixels)


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