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Employee Monitoring Software by NetVizor Only $20/month unlimited users
Camera supported
Internet, web based, online
Mobile phone supported
IP and Clock ID restricted
Powerful reports
Easy to use
See who is in/out instantly
15 days free trial available

Open Time Clock is a web based Internet time clock system. It supports web camera. No special hardware investment or maintenance. You can use it through your mobile devices such as iPhone or Android phone. There are pre-formatted reports you can use to show and print employees' time cards. IP and Clock ID restricted policy to prevent employees to clock in/out from home. 15 days free trial available.

You can set web camera as required when your employees clock in and out from their computers. This is the best way to prevent them from clock in and out at home or help each other to clock in/out.

Without a web camera, you can also restricted your employees to only clock in/out from certain IP addresses or computers (Clock ID). This is a popular way to prevent your employees to clock in/out from home.

You can use OpenTimeClock.com service anytime from anywhere with an Internet access computer or mobile device such as iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, etc..

There are pre-formatted reports you can choose. If the listed reports still not fit your needs, you can email us your sample report in the format of MS Excel file. Our developers will try to integrate it into our system as we can.

We backup the database each night time (Houston midnight). We keep 5 years history data storage, too old data will be deleted. You can also run reports to save time cards data into MS Excel files if it makes you feel more comfortable.

We do not limit the number of managers and employees. So, our system is scalable to different size of companies from 2 employees small businesses to thousands of employees big firms.

Once registered, you have 15 days to try our full features web based Internet time clock system.

1. What are the computer requirements?

You and your employees simply need a computer connected to the Internet.

2. Where can my employees or I use the system?

You can use the system from anywhere in the world.  OpenTimeClock is Internet based.  Employees can be locked down to one or multiple computers as well as from certain networks if you want. 

3. My employees have little or no computer experience.

OpenTimeClock is designed with the concept of "no instructions required". It is very intuitive and simple to use.

4. Is using my credit card online safe?

YES, for now we only accept payment from PayPal.  We do NOT ask for your credit card info at all.

5. Do you backup my data

YES, we backup all data on a nightly basis

6. Do you offer support?

YES, we offer FREE email support and upgrades for as long as you use the service. Free email support is available to all plans users.


7. If this is a web based service, why is there a download available?

The downloaded application is a simple Windows Internet Explorer based web browser. It will access our web app: http://www.opentimeclock.com/app.php. It is not required, but makes your clocking much easier.

8. Is this cost a one-time cost or is it a monthly cost?

It is a monthly cost. With this money we are able to add more features to our service.

9. Do I have to have a web camera at the beginning?

You don't have to have a web camera to use our service. You can enable or disable web camera any time you want.

10. How do I set web camera default to open or not to open?

Please click the screen tour link here to see how. (Click to view screen tour)

11. Every time I do clocking I got a different Clock ID. How do I avoid my Clock ID keeps changing?

Please click the screen tour link here to see how. (Click to view screen tour)

12. How to make sure the Clock ID never change?

Since the Clock ID is a kind of so called "Cookie" in the browser. It will possibly change depends on the browser's setting. To avoid this happens, you can use our desktop shell application for clocking in/out. Here is the link that you can download the Windows based desktop shell application:http://www.opentimeclock.com/opentimeclock.zip

13. How to convert MS Excel file to Adobe PDF file?

When you run the reports, you will get Excel files. You can open the Excel file in Microsoft Office. And then, in Microsoft Office, you can save as PDF file.

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